Rules and Regulations

Unleash Your True Beauty

Below are the Terms and Conditions of the contestants

• Single, has neither been married nor has ever given birth
• Natural born female
• No Criminal records
• Between 18 and 27 years of age
• At least 165cm tall
• Completed at least secondary schooling
• Has beauty of face and figure and has pleasing personality
• Good moral character
• Must be Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident


The  Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014 is open to all eligible female in Singapore and the
qualification for eligibility are that each applicant:
Shall be eligible in either of the following division:
(18 years of age and not older than 27 years of age on or before 1 September 2014)
Shall be the following:
• Who have never previously won Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant.
• Shall be a citizen of Singapore or a Permanent Resident. (Permanent Resident must
continue to reside in Singapore for at least to the date of winning the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014.)
Further to the above pre-requisite, the applicant as a contestant of the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014 should abide by the following requirement:
If selected as one of the finalists, she must attend and compete in the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014 finals to be held in Mid-November to End of December 2014.
The applicant will be judged for beauty of face, poise, personality & intelligence. She
will be required to appear in Bikini, swimwear or with any other sponsored products.
The applicant will agree to parade in these items as per required.
The applicant is responsible for her own transportation to and from the competition
venue throughout the duration.
The applicant must arrive promptly at the said venue and comply with any instructions
either issued verbally or written by the organizers.
The Contestant shall notify the organizers, in writing within three working days after
the auditions of Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014, should she decide not to
participate in the final. Failing which, the organizers may take such action as shall be
deemed necessary for the recovery of all costs and monies extended to her, i.e., being
ten percent (10%) of the total cost of the complete competition event.
The organizers are at liberty to replace any successful finalist with any other applicants
of their choice for the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014 grand final.
The applicant is fully aware of the prizes she is entitled to, should she become one of
the winners in the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014.
During the period of the competition, all successful contestants must attend all
rehearsals and all official functions as requested by the organizers and shall not be
excused except with the prior consent from the organizers. Organisers reserves the rights
to take action against selected contestants for non-fulfillment of this obligations.
The judges’ decisions in all matters are final. No correspondence will be entertained.
Any misrepresentation or untrue statements declared by the applicant or any failure to
comply with any of the terms, provisions or obligations would result in her
disqualification and forfeiture of all rights to participate in the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore
Pageant 2014. Organisers reserves the rights to take action against selected contestants
for non-fulfillment of this obligations.
The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject all applications submitted.
The organizers should not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any injury or
distress suffered, and loss of personal property by the applicants arising from their
participation in Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014. We, the organizers will not be
held responsible if jewellery, monies or valuable belongings that are lost during the
course of the competition.
If selected as the winner of the pageant, she must be able to represent Singapore in the
 Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Pageant 2014 or any other pageants, which she is assigned.
Friends and relatives are not allowed to loiter at the immediate vicinity of the
changing room during the competition.